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At a glance

To increase comfort inside the restaurant, acoustic panels have  been installed, designed by Studio Antea.

The Cucina Dello Scompiglio welcomes you to the old barn of the estate, once the place of refreshment for the outside workers, just outside the walls of the Tenuta. An informal space nestled in the hills of Vorno, renovated according to modern techniques of bio-architecture; a place to stop and find refreshment away from the road, in the silence of the vineyards and vegetable gardens, suitable for any occasion; for a quick work lunch, an aperitif, a snack during a walk in the surrounding hills, for dining from our à la carte menu, or for Sunday lunch with all the family, allowing the children free rein to run around.

Lando: "I am happy when people feel at ease and are able to find what they are looking for, be it good food, a welcoming atmosphere or information about the company."

There are over 80 covers throughout the inside spaces, ample, warm and bright with a mezzanine particularly suited to business lunches and dinners, a large and open room for groups, and a small room reserved for those who appreciate the pleasure of tobacco, perhaps in front of the open fire. In good weather, it is possible to eat outside, shaded from the sun under welcoming earthy-coloured umbrellas, or enjoying the light evening breeze over the panorama of the Apuan Alps.


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On the table

We create dishes in which to savour the tastes of places and seasons, prepared using fresh ingredients from markets and small producers of the region and of course from the estate farm where the vegetable garden, orchard, olive groves and vineyards are worked according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, following the rhythms of life and nature. There is always a wide selection of vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Valentina: "When you work with raw materials of good quality, you have to have the ability to combine them well, you don’t need tricks to cover up bad flavours, just bring out the original ones."

Our menu varies according to the seasons and the availability of the raw ingredients, and suits all tastes: from a full meal to a quick snack, salad to sandwich, from aperitif to a snack for children. Common to all these are the integrity of the ingredients and the original interpretations of the chefs. Whether for a working lunch or a relaxed evening, our range covers the traditional to the innovative: from a ragù to a Tuscan cabbage carbonara; from a rabbit chasseur to skewers of cheese with caramelised pears, from a ham sandwich to toasted bread with sun-dried tomatoes and almonds; from (freshly) fried potatoes to salad with beans and pancetta.
All the different kinds of bread and focaccia are made by Lando; desserts, biscuits and creams are made entirely without the use of pre-prepared products.
Oil, Lavandaia wine, grappa and honey are organic and produced on the estate.

I nostri piatti

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In the glass

In order for our guests to savour the sense of place, we have bottled the estate’s grape harvest since September 2010: a full-bodied red called Lavandaia. In addition, the cellar at the restaurant offers wines from the whole region. For those who love beer we have a selection from artisan breweries of the area. In accordance with the aim of environmental conservation that characterises the whole estate, we do not use bottled water but water from our own springs, still or sparkling, filtered using a UV system.

tel +39 0583 971473
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Cucina Dello Scompiglio
via di Vorno 67 / B
55012 Vorno, Capannori (LU)




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